UnSit Launches New Website

May 16, 2017 |
| Announcements, News

UnSit has recently redesigned and relaunched its website, now with more content and details around why and how a walking desk can benefit you mentally, physically and professionally. The updates include:


  • An entirely new homepage dedicated to the WALK-1 and it’s ability to help you multitask.
  • Revamped Product Page with more details around the benefits of the treadmill desk.
  • Product Specifications are more comprehensive.
  • Read more about the story behind the company and its founders, Rob and Paul.
  • A brand new “Customer Stories” page with testimonials from successful installations.
  • You can now explore the “Why UnSit” page, which features a ton of great content about the ill effects of sitting and the benefits of UnSitting. New filtering functionality allows you to view only areas you’re interested in, such as Health, Productivity, Creativity, videos or Blog posts.
  • Finally, you now have access to expansive video content. You can watch nearly a dozen videos on the benefits of walking, the negative impacts of sitting and more.