Designing a fitness center

November 24, 2021 |
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Fitness centers in multifamily complexes were once viewed as a luxury but have now become increasingly important. The fitness centers are now the number one amenity to attract and achieve resident satisfaction.
Your fitness center has to stand out now that a good number of apartments have one. Gym enthusiasts are looking for more than a couple of treadmills, therefore your fitness center needs to stand out. There are several things that you should consider when designing a fitness center. Check below;

  • The preferred exercise equipment

What gym equipment do exercise enthusiasts want? It’s on the record that most renters in the US are millennials. They are also the majority, approximately 80%, members of health clubs. For these reasons, you must stay on trend to get the highest return on investment from your fitness center. 
The four essential amenities you must offer include; enough space for app-based exercises, outdoor exercise, fitness equipment, and all-in-one gym equipment. Ensure that you also follow the CDC’s guide when choosing fitness equipment for staff and residents’ safety. 

  • Adding outdoor exercise in your existing fitness center 

Outdoor exercise has become the order of the day, especially during this era of the pandemic. Most people feel comfortable and safe working out from outside while maintaining some level of social distance.
Purchase gym equipment that residents can carry outside like steps, jumping rope, kettlebells, mats, and other functional fitness accessories. Gym lovers can enjoy their high-intensity interval training or strength training from an outdoor space like the parking lot or patio with enough outdoor equipment. 
Adding outdoor exercise to your complex fitting center also gives you a chance to partner with a personal trainer looking for outdoor space. The fitness classes will be an added advantage to your tenants. 

  • Incorporating app-based exercise 

Unlike before, a large group of gym fanatics engages in app-based and online exercise. Numerous workout apps enable users to exercise alone, interact with a personal trainer or work with a group fitness program. They can access these apps via electronic devices like phones or laptops.
Most people who use these apps use simple and portable strength equipment since they focus more on body weight. Create enough space in the fitness center where residents can comfortably engage with their app of choice. Changing the existing floor plan and moving exercise equipment to leave mat space is an excellent place to start. 

  • Add functional fitness equipment.

Functional workout equipment has been in use for many years, but its popularity has grown tremendously during the pandemic. The main reason is that they integrate perfectly with most workout apps. Your fitness center will attract more residents if you have a variety of this equipment, for instance, medicine balls, tires, core bags, slam balls, and battle ropes. 

  • Consider all in one gym equipment. 

Invest in dual-purpose equipment, especially when working around a small space. Clients can complete a full-body workout using one piece of equipment in a limited space. For example, you can purchase a multi-press machine that offers three upper body workouts plus limitless workouts combined with other standard equipment like dumbbells. 

  • Focus on health and fitness 

Everyone loves to feel mentally and physically fit, but most people don’t enjoy exercise. Don’t just create a space for high-intensity workouts; make your fitness center a space where individuals can learn and interact with friends and family.
 Include healthy nutrition and fitness classes in your program. Ensure that the interior décor and design like wall colors add positive energy to the environment. 


You can never go wrong with a fitness center in your multifamily complex. You will attract high-end residents and keep the existing renters happy. The secret is to find out what workout lovers want and provide exactly that!