Escape TIYR™


The TIYR™ is soft yet very strong, simple but innovative and super tough, just like the real thing. TIYR™ is a challenge for all users regardless of ability thanks to three weight and size options.

The TIYR has been designed with safety in mind and the extra-tough base section means the TIYR won’t split or tear when it’s being put through its paces.

This TIYR is unlike anything else on the market. Use it for bootcamps, PT sessions and to introduce strength training to a range of clients. Four weight options means all your members can get involved with the challenge.

The TIYR Product Training Workshop will ensure that coaches and trainers know how to introduce members to the TIYR safely and effectively.


  • Escape 90lbs TIYR™ – Level 1
    • Outside Diameter: 34″
    • Inside Diameter: 16″
    • Height: 10″
  • Escape 130lbs TIYR™ – Level 2
    • Outside Diameter: 41″
    • Inside Diameter: 20″
    • Height: 12″
  • Escape 175lbs TIYR™ – Level 3
    • Outside Diameter: 47″
    • Inside Diameter: 24″
    • Height: 15″
  • Escape 220lbs TIYR™ – Level 4
    • Outside Diameter: 47″
    • Inside Diameter: 24″
    • Height: 15″