Escape Multi Grip Medball


The Multi Grip Medball provides a range of workout options. The ergonomic handles mean the ball can be used with one or two hands, or it can be held on the outside for a classic Medball grip.

The Multi Grip Medball helps to develop grip and forearm strength, and makes it easy to add a weight to fundamental movements like squats, lunges, wood chops and twists.

The RACK5 can store up to 20 Multi Grip Medballs, and provides adjustable storage so you can organize it to fit your unique storage needs. Alternatively, the Medball Rack holds five Multi Grip Medballs.

The Power Training with Medicine Balls Product Training Workshop provides personal trainers and group instructors with the knowledge they need to apply medicine balls to exercises to develop power in the whole body.

Available in the following:
12 lbs, Green
14 lbs, Blue
16 lbs, Red
18 lbs, Gray
20 lbs, White

Rack Specifications:

  • Medball Rack:
    • Size 61.8″ x 24.4″ x 27.5″
    • Weight 41 lbs.
  • RACK5:
    • Size 73″ x 23½” x 27½”
    • Weight 165 lbs

*Medicine Balls sold separately