Escape Slamball


The Slamball will help you escape your comfort zone and introduce you to a workout that challenges you every single time. Its 9″ diameter ensures members can get a strong grip for a firm slam.

The textured surface of the Slamball provides improved grip, so users can really give it everything they’ve got. The Slamball will not bounce or roll when slammed, so it’s really safe to use.

The RACK5 can store up to 20 Slamballs, and provides adjustable storage so you can organize it to fit your unique storage needs. Alternatively, the Medball Rack holds five Slamballs.

The Power Training with Medicine Balls Product Training Workshop provides personal trainers and group instructors with the knowledge they need to apply medicine balls to exercises to develop power in the whole body.

Available in the following:
5 kg / 11 lbs, Green
10 kg / 22 lbs, Blue
15 kg / 33 lbs, Red
20 kg / 44 lbs, Gray