Expresso Go Recumbent Bike


The all-new Expresso Go Bike raises the bar for indoor cycling, yet again. With interactive road racing, studio cycling, and HIIT gaming all in one beautiful machine, you are guaranteed the world’s best workout, no matter your style.


The View is Spectacular
The fully-immersive, 26.5 inch HD touchscreen on your Expresso Bike is the largest available, connecting you to your workout like never before. Personal metrics keep you motivated during your ride and feed into your rider profile afterwards.

Handlebars that Turn… Heads
Control your own path. The state of the art handlebars on your Expresso Bike turn left and right, driving your workout experience and making each ride unique.

Viva la Resistance
The breakthrough magnetic resistance drive on your Expresso Bike simulates the terrain with incredible accuracy. Forget about riding inside. Nothing is closer to the real thing.

Designed to Fit You
Ergonomically set for maximum comfort and total customization, your Expresso Bike is compatible with your favorite saddle and pedals to deliver the smoothest ride imaginable.

Beautifully Built to Last
Understated yet elegant, your Expresso bike stands out and fits in. Built with the highest quality materials; laser-cut steel frame, military-grade electronics, and a battle-tested drivetrain, so that you can ride, maintenance free, for years to come.


Forget what you know about indoor cycling. Immerse yourself in 300+ miles of stunning interactive roads. From snowy mountains, seasides, and Mayan ruins to outer space, working out on your Expresso Bike is an experience unlike anything else.

The Ride
Saddle up! Get ready to steer around corners, shift gears, and feel the hills as you pedal. Riding your Expresso Bike is just like riding outdoors…minus the helmet and cold weather gear.

The Pacer
Your Pacer is your ideal workout buddy. You control his speed. Set a pace that works for you, he is there to push you to your maximum potential.

The Ghost
Race yourself, send Ghosts to friends, or challenge riders across the world! Ghosts are a powerful motivator, scientifically shown to produce superior results in top athletes. Now you too can harness this elite training tool.


Kick your training up a notch with Studio SWEAT onDemand. Team up with thousands of riders from hundreds of countries to get fit and stay that way. Cat Kom and her elite group of expert trainers are here to motivate you.

New Classes Every Week
Get inspired and stay inspired with new classes every week. The coaches from Studio SWEAT onDemand are here for you Monday through Saturday and twice on Sunday.

On Your Schedule
HIIT, endurance, fat-killing, Calorie-crushing workouts ready to go, 24×7. Studio SWEAT onDemand fits into your schedule, no matter when motivation strikes.

With Top Instructors
Bethany, Brian, Mere, Mike, Rebecca, and of course Cat Kom. With Studio SWEAT onDemand, the best coaches in the industry are here to help you reach your goals.


Go off-road and discover breathtaking worlds filled with treasures and dragons. The pleasure of gaming melds with the power of interval exercising to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Smash HIIT
Meet the most advanced fitness games designed for High Intensity Interval Training. Short sprints, rugged terrain, and friendly competition will get you sweating and smiling.

Play. Rest. Repeat
With new worlds to unlock, achievements to earn, disciplines to master, and friends to beat, it’s no wonder you’ll be coming back for more.

Fun Exercise
Think working out can’t be fun? Think again. The games on your Expresso Bike are designed to be immersive and interactive. You won’t even realize, and may be surprised, you’re working out.


  • Dimensions: 72x28x53 in.
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Power: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Touchscreen: 26.5 in. with full 1080p resolution
  • Workout Options: Roads, Studio, Games, TV, Manual
  • Resistance Levels: 30
  • Max Watts: 800 Connectivity: Wireless WiFi 802.11n+ / Wired Gigabit LAN+