Precor SCL® 835 StairClimber

SKU: SCL® 835

The Precor SCL® 835 far exceeds the status quo and invites you to step up to an experience that will delight. Made from durable, high-performance parts and tested beyond industry standards, the StairClimber is built for reliability. The thoughtful design prevents sweat, dirt, and fluid ingress to deliver an ultra-smooth operation and effective cleaning in a single pass. It invites exercisers to step on and off with ease, exercise with confidence, and stay motivated with engaging content.


Dynamic Step Control
The Dynamic Step Control™ system, with an industry-leading tolerance of +/- 0.5 steps per minute, ensures an accurate, consistent step rate, whether slow or fast, for exercisers of all sizes.

Tested Beyond Industry Standards
The StairClimber has exceeded industry standards, withstanding over 30 different tests, conducted over 10,000 hours in the lab and field for reliability that operators can trust.

Low Maintenance Step Chain
To decrease downtime, service panels can be removed in under two minutes to access the O-ring motorcycle step chain. Constructed of high-strength steel, the step chain requires only an annual inspection, and lubrication about every 3 years, providing quiet operation for years.


  • Length: 59 in / 150 cm
  • Width: 31.7 in / 81 cm
  • Height: 84 in / 213 cm
  • Machine Weight (base equipment): 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • User Height Range: 4′ 11″ – 6′ 4″ / 150 – 193 cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs / 182 kg
  • Step-up Height: 12 in / 30 cm
  • Handrails: Ergonomic handrails encourage good posture and proper technique
  • Auto-detect Stop: If an object passes by the IR sensor below the bottom step, the steps will automatically stop.
  • Locking Auto Stop: Step sensor detection automatically stops moving stairs when exerciser steps off, locking the steps in place
  • Drive system: Low friction, two-stage drive system with a proven electro-mechanical EMS braking system
  • Drive Step Chain: 428 O-ring motorcycle step chain is virtually maintenance-free
  • Step-Rate Range: 20 to 165 steps/min
  • Step-Rate Levels: 30 levels in 5 step/min increments
  • Color: Semi-gloss metallic black
  • Frame: Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
  • Handlebars: Dip molded with fore-aft and up-down adjustment
  • Display Type: Advanced LED
  • Electronic Readouts: Steps/Min, Average Steps/Min, Total Steps, Floors, Elevation Gain, Step Rate Levels (1 – 30)
  • Receiver: Compatible with ANT+ and Polar heart rate transmitters
  • Bluetooth® pairing: The console is Bluetooth compatible to share data with a smartphone. Smartphone must first have a compatible app installed such as Wahoo RunFit.