Precor TRM 731 Interval Treadmill


The TRM 731 Interval Treadmill offers operators the ability to conduct small-group interval training on treadmills.  As instructed, the exerciser can change the interval intensity using the one-touch speed and incline keys.  Whether instructor-led or on their own, the exerciser can dynamically adapt their interval workout, making it fun and engaging.


Built to Commercial Standards at a Very Attractive Price
The insight driven design of the 700 Line Treadmill delivers the same reliability, performance, and efficiency that Precor is known for, at a budget-friendly price. Built for high-use on our commercial platform, this treadmill sacrifices nothing in longevity, standing up to the high usage in your facility – making it a money-saving valuable investment.

Reliable, Efficient and Easy to Maintain
The motor drive system has improved internal cooling, a wider operating range, unique input current averaging to identify more precisely when a running belt requires replacement, and an Active Status Light that alerts facility staff at a glance to the operating status of the treadmill. All of this works together to help you increase operational efficiencies and protect your investment.

P30i Interval Console
The simple, easy-to-use P30i Interval Console supports a get-on-and-go experience that gives operators the ability to offer group interval training on the 700 Line Treadmill. At any time during the workout, the exerciser can change the interval intensity using one-touch speed and incline keys. For added convenience, there are three interval settings that allow the exerciser to quickly program and save low, medium, and high-intensity interval levels. Once saved, the exerciser simply presses one of the three keys to transition to the saved speed and incline level.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 83 x 35 x 62 inches / 211 x 89 x 157.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 405 lbs / 187 kg
  • Step-up Height: 9.5 in / 24 cm
  • Handrail Length: 18 in / 61 cm
  • Running Surface: 60 x 22 in / 153 x 56 cm
  • Power: Dedicated 120V/20 amp circuit
  • Speed Range: 0.5 – 12 mph / 0.8 – 19.2 km/h
  • Elevation Range: 0% – 15% (0.5% increments)
  • Network Capabilities: C-SAFE enabled
  • Mobile Device Charger – Standard
  • Entertainment: Optional – 15.6 inch / 39.6 cm Personal Viewing System (PVS); Optional – Wireless Entertainment cap
  • Accessories: Integrated reading rack; Optional – Cable management
  • Warranty: Visit for warranty terms