Pavigym Prama


PAVIGYM Flooring and Functional Markings. 3.0 Interactive Units with integrated LED lights & sensors. Interactive Training Software: 6 modes, 500+ exercises. PRAMA MOOD lighting & multimedia management. All the KNOW HOW, support & education from our team to yours. FUN. TRAIN. PRAMA.

Now you can transform your flooring into equipment with our technology. PRAMA 3.0 is an intelligent and interactive floor with integrated LED lights controlled by PRAMA SOFTWARE, a touch screen App that allows you adding endless possibilities to your PRAMA training, enabling trainers to design and track their workouts and training sessions. They can even control the lights and music at the touch of a button. PRAMA 3.0 is the most fun and entertaining way to train. Keep your members sweating and smiling at the same time!

Progressive programming, based on Functional Training principles, and using lights and music, will provide your members with proven results, in addition to physical and mental enjoyment. With PRAMA 3.0, through play and interaction, everything is possible! With PRAMA 3.0 you will complete the transition from “flooring surfaces” to “active flooring” to “INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS”. You will be able to offer an unforgettable and unique workout experience at your club! The clever integration of sound, lights and sensors stimulates the most responsive of human senses! Don’t allow your competition to get ahead of you. Remember……”he who strikes first, strikes twice!!”

Combine our stations and create your circuit. Introduce Small Group Training as it is meant to be, and in its purest form. Addictive. Your members won’t want to leave their community! Using our stations as stand-alone equipment, you can also organize competitions, induction tests or specific training sessions adaptable to all users. PRAMA 3.0 is the most compact equipment for “free-space”, but implemented in a much more attractive and appealing layout. It will entice more potential members to your club due to the simple-to-follow and fun workouts. Members of all fitness levels can use the technology, maximizing the use of your available space!

interactive flooring PRAMA 3.0
PRAMA SPRINT 3.0 is an ideal tool for interval training, reaction training or SAQ skills. Members can keep track of their progress, and can challenge themselves by trying to beat their own best score, or by competing with other users in the ranking.

PRAMA SQUARE 3.0 enables users to choose their preferred training and practice multiple and varied exercises at their own level. Balance, speed, reactions, stability, precision, coordination, agility, mobility and postural control are all included. Working with a partner enables fun competitions between members.

PRAMA VERTICAL 3.0 interacts with members in a totally different, innovative and fun way by using symbols and lights on the wall. Members can register their progress through an unlimited number of interactive exercises.

PRAMA COMBO 3.0 stimulates user attention and increases intensity, by combining Square 3.0 and Vertical 3.0. No more routine workouts. Your members will be wide awake while training!

Self Guided Workout: A wide range of exercises to practice cardio, strength, agility, mobility, reaction, coordination, and balance skills.

Pre-defined Programs: Complete predefined workout.

Group activities:

Design Small Group Training classes.
Set the warm up, workout, rest periods, and cool down timings with our incorporated PRAMA Software.
Select your favorite music for each session.
New Members Integration Process: PRAMA 3.0 test system is a fantastic tool for clubs to evaluate new members condition in an accurate, dynamic, objective and unified way.

Club events organization: PRAMA 3.0 software includes a program to create events and competitions. This is an important motivational tool with a very modern and technological image. Events also include a ranking system, which can be used to generate excitement and involvement.

With PRAMA MOOD you will be able to WOW your members by changing the colors of the room lights, and their intensity during the workout, all controlled through your PRAMA KIOSK.