Escape Urethane Dumbbells


Escape’s Urethane Dumbbells have been designed with large numbering so users can quickly select the correct weight. Made out of high-quality urethane, the dumbbells have single-piece heads with precision machined bores.

Made from high quality urethane rubber, these dumbbells are made with long-term performance in mind. The smooth finish makes urethane the perfect material for hand weights; they’re kind to gym floors if dropped.

The perfect introduction to strength training, Escape’s Urethane Dumbbells are a great choice for fundamental lifts. The clear numbering makes it easy to increase or decrease the load quickly in PT sessions.

The Delta-Lock system ensures our free weights are of the best possible quality. They feature an end plate retaining bolt, a large diameter lock nut and a machined steel head locator, making them durable no matter how tough the workout.

Dumbbell sets available in 5-50 lbs, 25-70 lbs, 55-70 lbs 55-100 lbs, 75-100 lbs, 105-125 lbs. Also available packaged with respective racks.