Hampton Fixed Gray Pro-Style Dumbbells


This classic pro-style dumbbell has been upgraded to feature the Hampton Snug-Grip handle.

All dumbbells feature a twice-baked gray enamel finish, along with three handle options: urethane snug grip, deluxe contoured chrome-plated steel and straight chrome-plated steel handles. DuraLock is an optional upgrade.

The next generation in ergonomic urethane handle design, Snug-Grip™ allows you to focus your energy on
the target muscle. Fixed Dumbbell is customizable with the following handle options:
Urethane Snug-Grip
Contoured Chrome

Dura-Lock End Cap
Our unique Dura-Lock end cap system makes Hampton Fixed Dumbbells virtually maintenance-free, almost never loosening up.

Available in the following sets:
5-50LB Set, 5-100LB Set, 105-150LB Set