Escape Competition Pro Kettlebells


Uniform sizes and industry standard color coding guarantee competition standards. Non-competitors may also like the way that consistent sizes from bell to bell make it easier to progress through the weights.

Uniform sizes throughout the range and industry standard colors for easy weight identification make these kettlebells ideal for serious, heavy lifters. The stainless steel handle won’t rust and the wide, flat base is perfect for renegade rows and push-ups.

There is a range of storage options for the Competition Pro Kettlebells. The Kettlebell Rack and the Cross Hub (pictured) provide the ideal place to keep the kettlebells off the floor and in top condition. Having dedicated storage for products is also vital for members’ safety and provides an all-round positive fitness experience.

Be sure to get the very best from your kettlebells with the Kettlebell Instructor Training Course. This provides trainers and coaches with all the knowledge they need to implement key kettlebell exercises like the swing, snatch and Turkish get-up.

Available in the following weights:
17 lbs, 26 lbs, 35 lbs, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 62 lbs, 70 lbs.