Precor 8-Stack CW2504

SKU: CW2504

The 8-Stack CW2504 is an Icarian® multi-station that combines a cable crossover, two long pulls, dip-chin assist, two pull downs, adjustable hi/lo pulley.  This unit is built to meet high demands of your facility, allowing you to accommodate more users.  Our Icarian products are highly durable, a long lasting investment for your facility.


  • Length: 248 inches / 630 cm
  • Width: 188 inches / 478 cm
  • Height: 93 inches / 237 cm
  • Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley Modular Stations: 1
  • Cable Crossover Modular Stations: 1
  • Tricep Pushdown Modular Stations: 1
  • Dip/Chin Assist Modular Stations: 1
  • Pulldown Modular Stations: 2
  • Longpull Modular Stations: 2
  • Weight Stack: Depicted weight stack shrouds are not available
  • Standard Upholstery Colors: Black, Mahogany, Imperial Blue, Paprika, Graphite, Royal Blue, Slate, American Beauty Red, Terra Cotta
  • Standard Frame Colors: Gloss Metallic Silver, Metallic Ash, Desert Bronze, Black Magic Gloss, Gloss White