Precor Discovery™ Series Smith Machine


The bold, sleek design of the Discovery™ Smith Machine features high head clearance and a clean, walk through design. The 11 degree angle and innovative Smith Bar design produces a smooth, natural feel and an exceptional user experience.

Walk Through Design
The bold open design of the Discovery Series Smith Machine provides a welcoming statement for all exercisers, with an 80 inch head clearance.

11-Degree Frame Angle
The precise angle of the Smith Machine frame optimizes the body’s natural movement path for proper squat form.

Low Start Weight
With no counter balance, the Smith Machine offers a low start weight creating a more realistic weight lifting experience. This also reduces high wear parts, increasing the life of the unit.


  • Length: 56 in / 142 cm
  • Width: 84 in / 214 cm
  • Height: 90 in / 229 cm
  • Starting Weight: 25 lb / 11.3 kg
  • Max Load Weight: 6 x 45 lb / 5 x 25 Kg Olympic Weight Plates per side
  • Weight Storage Horns : Six Storage horns at 10 in / 25 cm length each (three per side)

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable safety stops easily accessed from the user position
  • Six weight plate storage horns
  • Foot pads and heavy duty levelor device accommodates uneven floor surfaces
  • Instructional Placard: Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify. QR codes provide quick and easy video instruction from your smart phone.
  • Adjustments: 16 Bar hooks @ 4 in / 102 mm increments
  • Bolt Down Capability: Yes
  • Grip Diameter: 1.375 in / 35 mm
  • Standard Frame Colors: Gloss Metallic Silver, Metallic Ash, Desert Bronze, Black Magic Gloss, Gloss White