Precor Discovery™ Series Squat Machine


The unique pivot system and open, intuitive squat exercise positioning of the Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Squat Machine most closely mimics the muscular demands and user stabilization of a barbell squat, while providing the control needed to master the squat movement.

Ergonomically Designed
The fingertip adjustment is easy to use and covers a range of five starting positions to accommodate a variety of users. The shoulder pads are shaped and angled to more comfortably fit the user, allowing them to pivot with the user and enabling exercisers to maintain their position throughout the range of motion instead of chafing under load.

Personalized Movement Experience
The proprietary spherical bearing design of the pivot system allows for unique lateral and rotational movements that enhance core activation and stabilization, providing a more natural free weight experience while teaching the user how to perform a squat movement.

Open, Stable Exercise Platform
The uniquely differentiated large, open foot platform is approachable and intuitive, supporting an exercise experience that most closely mimics a free weight squat.


  • Length: 91 inches / 230 cm
  • Width: 67 inches / 170 cm
  • Height: 61 inches / 155 cm
  • Equipment Weight: 498 lbs / 226 kg
  • Max Load Weight: 540 lbs. / 245 Kg (12 x 45 lb Olympic style weight plates)
  • Starting Weight: 40 lbs. / 18.14 Kg
  • Rubber Feet: Yes
  • Instructional Placard: Yes
  • Frame and Finish: Oversized tubes are 11-gauge steel and fully welded in all structural areas. Powder coated frames.
  • Adjustments: Five (5) start position adjustments are fingertip controlled and cover height ranges of:
    • 4’-10” to 5’-6”
    • 5’-3” to 5’-9”
    • 5’-5” to 6’-0”
    • 5’-8” to 6’-2”
    • 5’-11” to 6’-5”
  • Standard Upholstery Colors: Black, Mahogany, Imperial Blue, Paprika, Graphite, Royal Blue, Slate, American Beauty Red, Terra Cotta
  • Standard Frame Colors: Gloss Metallic Silver, Metallic Ash, Desert Bronze, Black Magic Gloss, Gloss White
  • Standard Colors – Movement Arms: Metallic Ash
  • Weight Storage Horns : Four (4) Olympic weight storage horns provide 7.5 inches (19 cm) effective length each for weight plate storage and are undersized (1-1/2 inches / 38 mm) so plates don’t bind when loading / unloading

Product Working Area Dimensions:

  • Length: 115 inches / 292 cm
  • Width: 91 inches / 231 cm
  • Height: 61 inches / 155 cm