Queenax Elastic Training Apps


Elastic Training Apps are training tools that incorporate elastomer resistance to enhance strength, speed, and range of motion.

Options include:

Stroops® Package

  • Includes all the basic tools needed to expand the versatile of Queenax with elastomer based training tools.
  • Slastix™ technology controls the amount of stretch the tubing experiences extending the life of the tubing and ensuring user doesn’t overextend the tubing.
  • Canvas sheath of the Slastix ensures that the sheath defines the range of stretch, not the tubing.

Stroops® Performance Kit

  • Performance based tools to complement and enhance the Stroops Queenax Package tools.

TRX® Rip Trainer

  • The TRX Rip Trainer helps you build a solid core by helping you build rotational power and balance.


  • A tubing and pulley system that accommodates multi-planar resistance training.
  • Provides a method for external resistance that complements the body weight training focus of Queenax™.
  • Excellent for therapeutic applications, general fitness and athletic performance gains.

Rip Trainer Adaptor

  • For use in conjunction with the Multi-Training Pole.
  • Allows for quick and easy attachment of up to 9 TRX® Rip Trainers to accommodate small group classes.
  • Can be adjusted vertically to ensure the optimal location for small group users.