Queenax Functional Optionals


Functional Optionals can be fixed or removable and enhance functional capability for individual exercises.

Options include:

Fixed Parallels

  • An easily adjustable strength station that accommodates symmetrical movement patterns.
  • Most commonly recognized as a dip or pull-up station, Fixed Parallels can also be used for angled push-ups, rows, hanging, and core strength exercises.

Flexibility Bar

  • Provides greater range of motion for mobility exercises, upper body pulls, and upper body pushes.
  • Adjustable height bar to accommodate various exercises or stretches.


  • Trains 3D reaction, hand-eye coordination and power.
  • Accommodates multi-planar throws and is designed for use with balls only.

Mobile Parallels

  • A flexible strength station that accommodates symmetrical and asymmetrical movements.
  • Most commonly recognized as a dip or pull-up station, this tool can also be used for angled push-ups, asymmetrical push-pulls, rows, hanging, lower body strength exercises and flexibility.

Plyometric Platform

  • The adjustable height plyometric platform is designed primarily for stepping and jumping movements.
  • Rubberized texture increases traction.
  • While designed for lower body movements, the platform can also serve as leverage for upper body and core activities.

Torso Trainer

  • A pivoting bar the emphasizes rotation and anti-rotation movements. Exercisers can use the weight of the bar only, or add additional weight plates to increase the strength requirement.
  • Exercises with the Torso Trainer can cross all components and categories of fitness – from play to explosive total body strength movements.
  • Optimized for a 6 ft / 28 mm training bar.

Parallels 300 Up & Down

  • Set of parallel bars that easily attach to Queenax.
  • Can aid in balance and stability, or serve as a body weight movement platform incorporating dynamic, swinging movements.

Olympic Rack

  • Vertical Barbell Rack that can accommodate a variety of barbell positions used in squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench pressing, etc.
  • Cut plate profile allows for effective barbell racking with 10 slot positions at 6 in. / 15 cm increments.

Abdominal Bench

  • Easily adjustable, fully cushioned slant board is comfortable and supportive.
  • Easy to get into and out of with a comfortable, secure dual roller pad foot catch.

Battle Rope

  • Optimal for developing strength, power, metabolic fitness, and performance.
  • 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) diameter, 39’5″ (1202 cm) long commercial grade training rope, weighing 22.5 lbs (10.20 kg).