Queenax Training App Accessories


Training App Accessories enhance the functional capabilities of Training Apps.

Options include:

Handle Extensions

  • Allow for quick and easy application of various Suspension Fitness Training Apps to be utilized on the Queenax™ Training Bars.
  • Six loop attachment points at 3.25 in / 8.3 cm increments.
  • Utilizes shaped steel imbedded, heavy duty canvas material with reinforced nylon stitching.


  • One pair of carabiners to secure various Training Apps to the Handle Extensions.

Functional Handles

  • Pair of molded handle soft strap D-Handles with D-ring.

Functional Ankle

  • Pair of heavy duty canvas ankle straps allowing for the connection of the lower leg to a source of resistance.

Pull Here & Pull Here Maxi

  • Rapid mounting system for various Training Apps and Optionals that are attached to the wall bars.