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Working out on fitness equipment is made more difficult when weights and mechanisms bind and chatter because of dust, oils and grime that build up on weight machine guide rods. Members can see and feel the negative effects of dirty guide rods. Keep weight machines working and looking new with Athletix Guide Rod Wipes.


Today’s health club members are concerned with the cleanliness of their clubs, especially clean gym equipment. Athletix Gym Equipment Cleaner wipes are non-alcohol based presaturated wipes. Tested by equipment manufacturers, health clubs, and wellness facilities, Athletix gym equipment cleaning wipes are proven to be easy to use, effective and safe for vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal and electronic displays – all surfaces commonly encountered when cleaning gym equipment. Athletix gym equipment cleaning wipes go beyond just cleaning—they also neutralize odors that tend to build up on soft surfaces around gyms, health clubs, and wellness facilities. In addition, utilizing nanopolymer technology, they lay down a protective barrier against odor penetration.

SKU: 9450

Our Stainless Steel Stand is a sleek and sophisticated gym wipe stand, allowing your Athletix Equipment Cleaner wipes to coordinate perfectly with your club’s decor and high-end appearance. The Stainless Steel Stand is designed to be both functional and attractive, working both as an exercise equipment wipe dispenser and a hidden waste receptacle (included) for used gym wipes and other trash.

SKU: 9433

This wall-mounted wipe dispenser is durable and sturdy, and has no complicated moving parts. The simple center pull design eliminates the need for levers, dials, or cranks. The semi-transparent, grey-colored dispenser allows your staff to see when the Athletix Equipment Cleaner wipes are running low. When it is time for a refill, open the dispenser utilizing the permanently attached key. Follow the loading instructions on the bag, thread the wipe through the opening, and lock the unit. Your members will appreciate the dispenser’s convenience, making it easy for them to help maintain your valuable equipment. Mounting hardware included.