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SKU: 4909-2003-01 R3

Peak Pilates merged the full Cadillac and Reformer to create a user-friendly system that easily shifts modes in a matter of seconds. You can conduct a full Pilates workout going from Cadillac to Reformer mode by removing the Twin Mat System, and unfolding their exclusive hinged carriage.

SKU: 4810-PPS08REV5

The world’s first 3-in-1 marriage of the essential Pilates equipment–Reformer, Cadillac and Mat System plus the brilliance of a folding design. The patented Peak PilateSystem Deluxe is hands-down the most streamlined and hardworking portable Pilates equipment available.

SKU: 4710-2400REV4

The MVe Reformer is a sleek, precision-built aluminum reformer possessing the features and quality of the finest professional studio reformers, while stacking for space-saving if necessary.

SKU: 4610-2300

Workout at home but can’t fit a studio reformer? Want to add group reformer classes to your studio or fitness center but don’t want to compromise on that studio height? Welcome the fit™ reformer, the first reformer to incorporate vertical stackability and affordability in a studio height reformer. Things are definitely looking up!