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The Wall Solution allows facility owners to reap the benefits of functional and suspended body weight training while also preserving the open floor space they need for other group exercises. Available in a variety of lengths and enhanced with a broad range of training accessories and storage solutions, the Wall Solution is ideal for facilities desiring to dedicate space and a higher level of organization to functional training.


REAX PUMP is the only barbell that allows to work with variable, unstable and combinable loads: the unpredictability of the internal liquid transforms any exercise into intense neuromuscular activity.

The dynamic fluid generates motor interference that pushes the body to a much higher muscle activation than that obtained with any other barbell.

Safe, versatile and easy to use, it fits into various training programs ranging from cardio training to toning up and crossfit, increasing its effectiveness.

SKU: RE Flui

REAX FLUI is more performing than any training ball, thanks to the movement of the liquid that transforms each exercise into a real neuromuscular training, simple but definitely more effective from a metabolic point of view. The continuous displacement of the liquid mass produces interferences
that make each repetition of each exercise different: so it requires continuous and unpredictable adaptations.

Zero boredom, zero habit: your body responds more efficiently to training as it is stimulated in a different and unpredictable way. The result is a more effective workout at any intensity, also useful for faster functional weight loss because it allows to burn up to 500 kcal per session.

Available up to 10 lbs.

SKU: Kettle

Reax Kettle is the innovative and dynamickettlebell because it is the only one with internal fluid that enhances the effectiveness of each exercise, from the simplest to the most advanced. It’s elastic because externally soft and shockproof: it can be used safely even in small spaces, at home or outdoors.

The elastic and dynamic structure makes it a unique functional tool of its kind.

FLUIWAVE technology makes it more effective than any other kettlebell because it stimulates a greater neuromuscular response and therefore a higher calorie consumption The SOFT IMPACT structure allows you to train anywhere without risk to people and things.