A step by step walk through of creating a fully custom gym for each project. From large fitness projects to small in-home gyms, our designers will create the perfect space.


At Out-Fit, we specialize in bespoke gym designs tailored to suit the function and aesthetic needs of our clients. Through consultations and collaboration with experts, our innovative solutions surpass expectations. Out-Fit's hands on approach guarantees a personalized wellness facility design that ignites a motivated environment for individuals to accomplish their goals.

Out-Fit provides professional delivery, assembly, and installation services, ensuring the safe arrival and proper setup of your purchased equipment.


Our process begins with crafting a 2D layout, meticulously charting the fitness space and selecting the ideal equipment. Every decision at this stage is geared towards optimizing efficiency and fulfilling the unique requirements of our clients.

We create a 3D design to assist clients in determining the most efficient layout for their space. This visualization also aids clients in visualizing how the equipment will integrate seamlessly into their new gym environment.

Once the final design has been reached, the team selects, delivers and, installs all pieces of fitness equipment. We make sure the client is fully satisfied with their new gym space after the installation process is complete. 

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We have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry serving the diverse needs of personal and large-scale gyms.

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Our team has decades of experience in the fitness industry. That knowledge is an amazing resource for those looking to upgrade their gym, or transform their fitness space. We can answer any questions you may have about equipment, or the design process with a free consultation. Our dedicated team is here to assist with any project!

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