Medicine/Resistance Balls

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The Vertball has been specifically designed for throwing – to a partner or against a wall. Because it’s oversized (with a diameter of 14″) it works muscles from the feet right up to the hands, and develops coordination, balance acceleration and deceleration.


The Slamball will help you escape your comfort zone and introduce you to a workout that challenges you every single time. Its 9″ diameter ensures members can get a strong grip for a firm slam.


The VERTMINI is the newest addition to the Escape Fitness range of medicine balls and is one of the smallest, most compact balls on the market. Its soft surface and compact design mimics the Escape VERTBALL but lends itself ideally to partner exercises and mobility workouts. The VERTMINI’s small diameter is a familiar size, similar to a soccer ball or netball, and each ball measures just 8¼” across.


The Multi Grip Medball provides a range of workout options. The ergonomic handles mean the ball can be used with one or two hands, or it can be held on the outside for a classic Medball grip.