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Working out on fitness equipment is made more difficult when weights and mechanisms bind and chatter because of dust, oils and grime that build up on weight machine guide rods. Members can see and feel the negative effects of dirty guide rods. Keep weight machines working and looking new with Athletix Guide Rod Wipes.


Today’s health club members are concerned with the cleanliness of their clubs, especially clean gym equipment. Athletix Gym Equipment Cleaner wipes are non-alcohol based presaturated wipes. Tested by equipment manufacturers, health clubs, and wellness facilities, Athletix gym equipment cleaning wipes are proven to be easy to use, effective and safe for vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal and electronic displays – all surfaces commonly encountered when cleaning gym equipment. Athletix gym equipment cleaning wipes go beyond just cleaning—they also neutralize odors that tend to build up on soft surfaces around gyms, health clubs, and wellness facilities. In addition, utilizing nanopolymer technology, they lay down a protective barrier against odor penetration.


The Vertball has been specifically designed for throwing – to a partner or against a wall. Because it’s oversized (with a diameter of 14″) it works muscles from the feet right up to the hands, and develops coordination, balance acceleration and deceleration.


This durable, discrete mount allows you to easily create a professional-quality training station almost anywhere. Use inside your house, your garage, off the porch, in the backyard. The 4.5-inch diameter plate is made of rugged steel and attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, or overhead beams to create a rock-solid anchoring point for all TRX Training products. Includes two wood lag bolts.


TRX Rip Trainer is an essential tool for anyone looking to strengthen their core, improve rotational power and increase their cardiovascular endurance.


The TRX Door Anchor accessory allows you to easily anchor your TRX Suspension Trainer over any sturdy door frame for your workout.


The TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer comes equipped with adjustable foot cradles,  antimicrobial-treated rubber handles, easily adjustable barrel-locks, and a locking carabiner to keep your investment safe.


The Slamball will help you escape your comfort zone and introduce you to a workout that challenges you every single time. Its 9″ diameter ensures members can get a strong grip for a firm slam.


The Escape Sandbag is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that delivers a full functional training experience. It is perfect for introducing lifting technique training and is ideal for small group training. Lift, carry, throw and slam – the instability in this bag makes it a functional challenge for any user.


The RACK5 is a versatile storage option that will keep your facility tidy and your functional training equipment in peak condition when not in use. Multiple bumper options are included in the RACK5 box, and the ability to adapt the shelves on the RACK5 enables users to organize the shelves to their facility’s unique needs. Do you have more Corebags than CMTs, or are you looking for a single storage station for a variety of functional training equipment? The RACK5 has you covered.


The Reaction Probounder offers a station for improving reactions, hand-eye coordination and proprioceptive awareness. These qualities all help in developing well-rounded athletes who are able to tackle physical challenges with confidence and success.


Escape’s variable-height Plyosoft Boxes are perfect for power development and performance. They’re inviting and safe, and are the only boxes on the market with an anti-slip top and base.


The Weight Tree provides safe, secure and stylish storage for a variety of Escape plates.


This strong, sturdy and stylish steel Toast Rack provides plate storage for clubs where strength training means serious business. It comes complete with wheels for easy movement around the club.


Escape has taken the great idea of a 3-in-1 plyo box and given it their treatment. Made to the same dimensions as the boxes used for CrossFit, this great space-saving box is the perfect tool to introduce beginners to plyometrics, while still providing seasoned CrossFitters with the challenge they need.


The TRX MultiMount is a sturdy, industrial-grade steel, wall mounted pull-up bar. It enables you to expand small group training volume, maximize space savings, provide more room for pull-ups and muscle-ups, and make more money for your club.


The Max Ball has been specifically designed for heavy free-weight training. The dimpled non-slip surface prevents the ball from slipping when using heavy weights and has a 1,650 lbs Burst Resistance.

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A long-lasting, hard-wearing stretch mat. Durable enough for the rigours of everyday use and versatile enough to suit most applications.


This sleek multi-mat storage racks are suitable for all Escape mats with eyelets, keeping them safe, dry and tidy when not in use.


The ultimate storage solution for the Bulgarian Bag and/or the Core Bag, the Multi Bag Rack will provide a home for five bags.


The GRIPR is made to withstand the toughest of treatment by using micro-grade steel sand within a fully-sealed, double-stitched neoprene bag, so the steel sand won’t leak. This means that it’s perfect for dynamic exercises and can fit into the toughest of training routines.


Bright colors, a range of weight options and a huge selection of different applications – the Fitness Bulgarian Bag should feature in every serious functional training zone.


The VERTMINI is the newest addition to the Escape Fitness range of medicine balls and is one of the smallest, most compact balls on the market. Its soft surface and compact design mimics the Escape VERTBALL but lends itself ideally to partner exercises and mobility workouts. The VERTMINI’s small diameter is a familiar size, similar to a soccer ball or netball, and each ball measures just 8¼” across.


Escape’s Yoga Mat is made from compact foam and has been designed to allow for more grip and comfort when performing yoga moves.


Thicker and heavier for a gruelling upper body workout. This rope will take pride of place in the workouts of boxers and martial arts athletes.


The ideal rope for introducing members to jump rope training. This rope is also up to the task of giving more advanced users a tool to improve co-ordination and raise their heart rate.


High jumping meets high performance. The ideal rope for serious CrossFitters to perfect double-unders, due to its roller bearing handles and ultra lightweight rope.


Designed specifically for core stability and balance work. The unique, safe and stylish two-tone Steadyball has self-levelling technology which means it won’t roll away.


Two-sided, multi-purpose, non-marking base with a high-grip surface that has been designed specifically to provide extra comfort and grip, ideal for Pilates and stretching.


The TIYR™ is soft yet very strong, simple but innovative and super tough, just like the real thing. TIYR™ is a challenge for all users regardless of ability thanks to three weight and size options.


Escape’s Eco Yoga Mat is toxin-free so it has good environmental credentials. This is primarily a yoga mat but, given its premium look and feel, can be used for other stretching-based work too.


A simple, brutal workout tool that builds core and leg power. Stylish and compact, Escape’s sled features two moveable drive posts which can be positioned at either end of the sled and the low drive bar increases the challenge. The drag zone has eyelets for attaching the Escape Speed Resistor or ropes to pull the sled.


The Escape Deck 2.0 is a multi-purpose, portable workout system that can be used as an aerobic stepping platform and as an adjustable strength training bench.


Whatever your exercise needs – stretching, mind, body and balance – this specially formulated non-slip foam mat is perfect.


Escape’s Space Saver Racks have a space efficient and unique design making them suitable for the smallest studio.


This lockable steel mesh container lets you keep your facility’s kit safe and secure while also letting you see what’s inside it – the perfect space and time saver.


The SKI-ROW AIR by ENERGYFIT is a first of its kind dual-function High Intensity Interval Training machine. Its flexibility, space-saving design, and mobility are ideal for all types of fitness facilities.

The SKI-ROW can be used for rowing-only or skiing-only workouts, but its true value is revealed by enabling mixed-erg workouts and alternative exercise modalities. A simple foot-lever press enables the switch from rower to ski-erg and back in less than 5 seconds.


With an updated design and brand new colors, this Escape Fitness staple has had a makeover. It’s better than ever, with a soft outer covering and more handle options for increased functional exercise opportunities.


The Dura-Ball Pro is a great all-round ball that’s perfect for stretching, core stability, abdominal and flexibility work.


The Discovery™ Series Olympic Incline Bench provides a more secure benching experience by positioning the spotter on the ground, where they are more stable.The low profile bench accommodates a wide range of users in a comfortable, stable “three point” stance.


The Battle Bag is the answer for personal trainers on the go and clubs offering an outdoor training experience. It folds down to a compact size and is easily packed with weighted material before a workout. Fill the Battle Bag with the right weight for the user (up to 57 lbs is possible) and it’s ready for them to lift, carry, swing, press and clean.


The Multi Grip Medball provides a range of workout options. The ergonomic handles mean the ball can be used with one or two hands, or it can be held on the outside for a classic Medball grip.


The 9 Ball Rack is a robust steel tube storage solution that can hold your fitness balls safely.

SKU: 9450

Our Stainless Steel Stand is a sleek and sophisticated gym wipe stand, allowing your Athletix Equipment Cleaner wipes to coordinate perfectly with your club’s decor and high-end appearance. The Stainless Steel Stand is designed to be both functional and attractive, working both as an exercise equipment wipe dispenser and a hidden waste receptacle (included) for used gym wipes and other trash.

SKU: 9433

This wall-mounted wipe dispenser is durable and sturdy, and has no complicated moving parts. The simple center pull design eliminates the need for levers, dials, or cranks. The semi-transparent, grey-colored dispenser allows your staff to see when the Athletix Equipment Cleaner wipes are running low. When it is time for a refill, open the dispenser utilizing the permanently attached key. Follow the loading instructions on the bag, thread the wipe through the opening, and lock the unit. Your members will appreciate the dispenser’s convenience, making it easy for them to help maintain your valuable equipment. Mounting hardware included.

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Digital column scale with BMI function.

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The BOSU Pro Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together.

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High capacity column scale with wireless transmission.

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Mechanical column scale with eye-level beam.

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Digital measuring station for height and weight with wireless transmission.


TreadMat is perfect for treadmills, elliptical machines or as a general aerobics mat. Made of super-tough, odor-free PVC material, TreadMat has a non-slip surface that is perfect for any room in your home or business.