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SKU: RSL0515

The Resolute™ Strength Converging Shoulder Press emphasizes proper biomechanics with an ergonomic, converging axis and independent pressing arm movement. The dual-position handles add to exerciser’s comfort and workout variety. The low-profile tower of the Shoulder Press lends an open, spacious feel, even in smaller facilities.

SKU: RSL0505

The Resolute™ Strength Rear Delt / Pec Fly features dual independent-movement arms that can each be set to 13 starting positions over a 120-degree range to accommodate a wide variety of exercisers and targeted training. The weight tower is offset to the right for most convenient access.

SKU: RSL0504

The Resolute™ Strength Lateral Raise allows exercisers to easily adjust the seat height from a seated position to ensure shoulders are properly aligned with the pivot points. The upright, open design makes the Lateral Raise easy to enter and exit.

SKU: RSL0414

The Resolute Strength Converging Chest Press features independent moving arms and a natural, converging motion path. This promotes more muscle recruitment and exercise variety while training the muscles involved in upper body pushing movements, including the pectoral muscles and triceps.

SKU: RSL0324

The Resolute™ Strength Diverging Low Row leverages ergonomically shaped, rotating handles along with a diverging arm movement to give exercisers a natural and comfortable feel to their rowing stroke.

SKU: RSL0314

The Resolute™ Strength Diverging Lat Pulldown features independent movement arms and ergonomically-shaped, rotating handles that allow the exerciser’s arm to travel in a natural movement path. Exercisers can train one arm or both simultaneously or alternately.

SKU: RSL0310

The Resolute™ Strength Diverging Seated Row lets exercisers enjoy a natural-feeling rowing motion without the hassles of oars and water. Independent movement arms allow for targeted training to develop and improve back strength and proper posture.

SKU: RSL0215

The Resolute™ Strength Seated Dip targets the triceps and pectoral muscle groups while offering a supported, guided motion that replicates the movement path of the popular dip movement performed on parallel bars. Rotating, over-molded tee-handle grips provide a variety of comfortable hand positions.

SKU: RSL0208

The seat adjustment and angled arm pad of the Resolute™ Strength Triceps Extension properly aligns  exercisers so they may work their triceps with maximum efficiency and comfort. Wear-resistant materials on all the touchpoints ensure a long-lasting appearance.

SKU: RSL0204

Proper body positioning and alignment are core attributes of the Resolute™ Strength Biceps Curl, which supports this popular and foundational exercise in any gym. The over-sized steel tubing contributes to a more durable product while the low-profile tower gives the Biceps Curl a contemporary silhouette.