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SKU: RE1043

With this floor you can improve your training results by stimulating the propriocective reflex and developing day by day the dynamic motor skills. The modularity of 3d mat allows to create sensory surfaces of any size and with different textures.

SKU: RE 5029

REAX LIFT is the first barbell in the world that destabilizes the movement patterns and increases the motor response.This feature involves a wide range of muscle fibres as the user while lifting needs also to stabilize the weight at the same time. Thus, the user will get better results using less weight: an excellent solution to improve strength lowering the joint stress.

SKU: RE 1020

Reax Lights Pro is an integrated concept designed to develop interactive training programs, combinations of tasks and reflexes improvement.
The Reax Lights system is the only one that includes mobile satellites, walls and floors, as well as a complete range of accessories for an innovative cognitive training.

SKU: RE 1014

Only with the Reax Run you can experience the same feelings of a real off-road jog or of a walk on a tough route. It maximizes the proprioceptive factors of movement through the wide-spectrum muscular activation and the controlled stress to balance. Reax run is dual purpose for injury prevention and sport performance.

SKU: RE 1007

The first and only neuroreactive piece of equipment in the world that allows you to perform a congnitive, proprioceptive and neurofunctional training in just 4 square meters. Reax 1001 includes all the Reaxing philosophy and technology.