Lower Body

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SKU: RSL0623

The Resolute™ Strength Seated Calf Extension allows easy access and enhanced ergonomics for a precisely targeted resistance workout for the calf muscles. The curved foot platform provides even resistance on both feet and serves as a stable foundation throughout the complete range of motion.

SKU: RSL0621

The Resolute™ Strength Outer Thigh targets the hip abductor muscles, more commonly known as the glutes. Exercisers face the shrouded weight stack for privacy. The easy-to-operate adjustable start position allows easy entry and exit from the equipment.

SKU: RSL0620

The Resolute™ Strength Inner Thigh targets the adductor muscles while providing privacy by positioning the exerciser toward the weight stack tower. The easy-to-operate adjustable start position allows easy entry and exit from the equipment.

SKU: RSL0619

The easy-to-access adjustments on the Resolute™ Strength Seated Leg Curl ensure an optimal and comfortable interaction between the exerciser and equipment.

SKU: RSL0618

The Resolute™ Strength Glute Extension targets the glutes and the muscles of the standing leg from a ground-based standing position. Elbow pad, handles, and large base platform provide stability while the exerciser enjoys a smooth thrust to maximum hip extension.

SKU: RSL0606

The feel of quality materials and quiet operation add to the easy-to-use experience of the Resolute™ Strength Prone Leg Curl. The ankle roller pad adjusts for varying leg lengths and ensures smooth, optimal resistance.

SKU: RSL0605

The start position, roller pad, and gas-assisted back pad on the Resolute™ Strength Leg Extension all adjust easily from the seated position, providing a personalized, comfortable fit that supports proper exercise mechanics.

SKU: RSL0602

The intelligent design of the Resolute™ Strength Leg Press offers very targeted training of the quadriceps​ muscles without spinal compression. Exercisers will find adjustments conveniently located from their seated position.

SKU: RSL0313

The Resolute™ Strength Back Extension focuses on the muscles of the lower back that help to extend the spine and aid in rotational movements. The Back Extension movement complements the muscles trained during abdominal exercises.